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Stephanie Driscoll is a recent graduate from Monmouth University with a BFA in graphic and interactive design and a minor in media production. She's currently seeking a production assistant position in the television or movie industry. 

Born and raised in New Jersey, less than an hour outside of New York City, her goal has always been to build a career at a Primetime Television Network.


Currently working as a Freelance Production Assistant, she has had the opportunity to personally work with the Props Master, Art Director, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Lead Producer and Co-Directors on a television concept pitch shoot, two short films, and a filmed interview with a recognized New York Surgeon.

Possessing talent in both content creation and video editing, she is currently seeking a position that embraces a candidate with a diligent work ethic, an effective communication and time management skills. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her directly below.

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