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Thrapp Theatrics: Producer

March 2021- Present

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While finishing up her last semester of college, Stephanie was brought onto a project called The Super Crazy Funtime Show, an off-broadway comedy show which had its audience members laughing their heads off. Though scripted, every show had new and original elements to it which had people coming back for more.


Brought on by Jacklyn Thrapp herself to become a part of Thrapp Theatrics, Stephanie is the go-to person to provide any service and complete any task at hand. From red carpet coverage and management, photography, merchandising, and press & graphic design work, she has been a huge contributing factor to making these shows run smoothly and efficiently,

After the closing of The Super Crazy Funtime Show, she was brought onto three more Off-Broadway shows called Bragging Rights, Chick Flix, and VERN: Off-Broadway which are still running as of now.

Short time-lapse of the producers of The Super Crazy Funtime Show building the red carpet 

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Edge in Motion: Production Assistant

June 2021

Working as a Production Assistant (PA) was a life-changing experience for Stephanie. It not only gave her encouragement to keep pursing a career in the production/ entertainment industry, but it also left her with an abundance of experience and knowledge of the industry itself.

Rotating between being a Wardrobe Assistant and an Art Assistant gave her the opportunity to get comfortable with a variety of different tasks and challenges.

When working in wardrobe, some of the daily tasks included being a direct assistant to the Wardrobe Artist, going on runs to get any last minute garments or accessories, and getting the actors dressed and looking presentable. She also stepped up to the challenge of spending a whole day in charge of wardrobe meaning it was her job to create and get approval on the outfits of lead and extra actors, be in constant communication with the Lead Assistant Director on when the actors needed to be dressed, and lastly make sure the actors go to makeup once they are all dressed properly.

When working as an Art Production Assistant, her primary tasks involved loading and unloading props from the production company's truck, organizing set pieces by scene or by specific set, and going on runs for fresh props such as food to be used on camera. Working under the Production Designer, Art Director, and Props Master gave her a real chance to get an understanding of what goes into set design and the execution of building a set.


Due to the different departments she worked under and the knowledge of what differs between each department, she was able to gain new information that will help her in the future when working in production.

Throughout this experience, she was able to gain not only insight to the ongoings of what goes on behind the camera during a shoot, she was also able to acquire and enhance her communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

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