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The Financial, Physical, and Emotional Effects of Childhood Rheumatoid Arthritis

How It Affects Patients’ Families and Causes a Long-term Impact

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis 

•Inflammation in a single joint or multiple joints

•Affects children between a few weeks old and 16 years old

•Can be genetic or developed over time

•Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis can experience small amounts of pain or extreme chronic pain

Why I Chose This Topic

•My mother, grandmother and two aunts all have very bad arthritis 

•Originally did not know children can have arthritis


Financial Effects

•Hospital Bills

•Medication costs

•Because of these financial setbacks, children with arthritis, as well as their siblings might miss out on other opportunities such as:

~Going on vacation                                              ~ Attending a friend's birthday party

~Visiting Theme Parks                                          ~Signing up for dance lessons

~Joining a soccer travel club

Physical Effects


•Pain in one or more joints

          ~Due to this pain, children might miss out on physical activities such as playing with             friends at recess, playing a sport, running around during gym class and more.

          ~When experiencing the amount of pain some of these patients feel, they might

            remain bedridden or at home instead of going to school.


Emotional Effects

•Because these children miss out on so much, it can cause emotional problems for the patients as well as their families.

•Can cause self esteem issues, can lead to depression and can even lead to other disorders such as social or general anxiety. 

•Family member can also be emotionally effects due to having a sibling or child with JRA. Ex: If your parents are too busy running around taking your ill sibling to hospital trips, then you might not have the time or money to join a sports team like the other kids at school.


Lollipop is a public service announcement/campaign developed to collect donations to find a way to prevent arthritis and raise awareness as to how this type of arthritis can affect children and teens as well as their family members and friends.  

During the development of this logo, I drew inspiration from the idea of a lollipop. After making a list of symbols of childhood, I found that a lollipop was the only symbol that reminded me of my own childhood and also represented the the campaign as a whole. For example, a lollipop is not only a universal image representing children but is also given to children at banks, doctor's offices, and given to children when they are sad in general which covers all three of the themes of the campaign: the financial, physical and emotional effect having Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis has on these patients and their families.

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