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Forever by Labrinth 

(Interpretive Music Video)

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This interpretive music video takes place in a bluish-purplish tinted room focusing in on a subject and different objects and decorations around the room. Some of the decorations include neon lights, vines, tapestries and more. The overall feel of the piece is to be a euphoric and relaxing/satisfying video. The goal of the music video is to be able to physically feel the music and to have the shots match up so well you feel like you’re immersed in the video.

Lollipop: Commercial

to miss out on big parts of their childhood. Missing school, soccer games and field trips can not only affect them physically but also emotionally. Because of this, it is important to spread awareness and to donate today to actual causes and campaigns collecting money to find a cure.


Lollipop is a fictional campaign with a mission to collect donations in hopes of finding a way to prevent Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and to raise awareness as to how this type of arthritis can affect children and teens as well as their family members and friends. Due to the amount of pain a child with Arthritis can experience, they tend

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